— Gina Coburn, Crow River Food Council Member

Why participate in the 10 Day Eat Local Food Challenge? What’s the point of eating local food? Gina explores the answers to these questions in part two of this post.

So is the 10 Day Eat Local Food Challenge worth it? I found it was a fun, eye opening, life enhancing experience for me. This October will mark the third year I’ve participated in the food challenge and each time, because of the 10 days of focus, I learn a bit more, become a little more aware and my appreciation for the food I eat, the people that produce it, the state of the world around me, deepens.

Photo by Mary Sue Stevens.

Photo by Mary Sue Stevens

We are rich here in Minnesota! We have wild rice, nuts, garlic, cherries, grains, maple syrup, herbs, wild medicinal plants, delicious mushrooms and apples along with every vegetable imaginable and plenty of meat! And we have restaurants, lots of them and more all the time that are making a point of using local food. We have breweries, wineries and even distilleries. So lucky are we. And we have products being made here and more all the time.

This summer, my friend Mary Reynolds and I visited The Food Building in Minneapolis where our friend Mike Philips has Red Table Meats, “salumi made from Minnesota pastured pigs”. We discovered a cheese maker shop in the same building: The Lone Grazer, “cheese from Minnesota grass fed cows and Baker’s Field Flour and Bread “stone-milled flour & naturally leavened bread” I heard just opened. These weren’t here two years ago, but they are now and their products are served right next door at The Draft Horse.

sfa_ketchupAnd as time goes on there’s more to find right in our own Crow River Region. Our local Crow River Chapter of the Sustainable Farmers Association experimented with making their own ketchup from extra tomatoes, onions and garlic grown by our farmer neighbors. It didn’t pan out yet, but everyone learned a lot about the economics of our food system. Holly at the Rosewood Eatery in Rockford is working with the Crow River Food Council to source locally and we’re working with her to see how to help other restaurants. The list goes on.

These are the places that I’ve run across in my daily rounds and of course there are many more. Visit our directory on this website, let us know if there are places we’re missing and tell us about your favorites to add to the list.

And join me in 10 Day Eat Local Food Challenge in October. Locally sourced food in an area 100 miles in any direction from where you live plus 10 exotics you don’t want to live without. Let us know how it’s going on our Facebook page.

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