Through a program from Randy’s Environmental Services, residents in the City of Buffalo now have the option to recycle their food waste and food-soiled paper into nutrient-rich compost. Instead of sitting in a landfill, these recycled products make their way through an industrial compost facility and are converted to a compost perfect for lawns, flower beds, background and community gardens, small vegetable and berry farms and rain gardens.


For those who’ve never composted before, the process couldn’t be easier and takes no more time than tossing your food waste in the trash. Randy’s outlines the process in three simple steps:

  1. Discard food waste and food-soiled paper from meals, your refrigerator and the pantry into a kitchen compost bucket, separate from your other household trash.
  2. Empty your kitchen compost bucket into the 13-gallon Blue Bag Organics BPI-certified bag.
  3. For trash day, tightly hand tie the 13-gallon Blue Bag Organics liner and place it inside your regular garbage cart for curbside pickup. All Blue Bag Organics will be separated from other trash after they’ve been collected. And off they’ll go to an industrial composting facility.

What exactly is food waste and food-soiled paper? The following can be recycled in the Blue Bag Organics bag: spoiled leftovers, meat and bones, fruit and vegetable scraps, egg and nut shells, coffee grounds and filters, tea leaves and tea bags, dairy products, paper towels and napkins, pizza boxes, and BPI-certified products.

To begin this program, contact Randy’s Environmental Services at 763-972-3335. You’ll be provided with everything you need to begin your first year of food waste recycling, including a coupon for a complimentary bag of Blue Bag Premium Compost in early spring.

Learn more:

Excerpts of text used from this Blue Bag Organics flyer and a Randy’s Environmental Services brochure.

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