— Katie Henson, Crow River Food Council Farmers Market Coalition Manager

ProduceTree‘Tis the Season! Yes, I know (and am thankful) that it is not December – but I am positively joyful about fresh, great-tasting, affordable AND locally grown produce! The raspberries, the asparagus, the tomatoes…my mouth is watering already. I absolutely love going to my farmers market. It gives me a sense of community to connect with the person growing my food and it brings together the neighborhood. Now that I have children, I enjoy the fact that they are aware of where their food comes from and get excited to pick out our produce for the week.

To get ready for the 2019 farmers markets, we had an extra meeting this year for our managers. We get together every spring to talk about our upcoming markets, what the plans are and share information. But this year, we also had some exciting guests come from the University of Minnesota Extension Program come and teach us how to get the most out of our social media pages. Here are two not-so-fun facts:

  • Unless you are strategic about your social media posts, there is only a 6% chance that someone will see what you posted.
  • Out of those who do not attend farmers markets, many do so only because they do not know when and where their market is.

Group2We clearly have our work cut out for us. Thankfully, we learned how to increase the number of followers by proactively engaging with the community more. We also learned how to increase the chances that people will see your post using analytics and scheduling posts. Last, but certainly not least, we also received some tips and tricks to beautify pictures and posts to make them more ‘clickable’ or ‘shareable’. While we focused on Facebook, we also touched briefly on Instagram – mainly how to use hashtags to your advantage (and thankfully for me, we learned exactly what a hashtag is).

producePlease be prepared for a social media frenzy about your local markets! If you are not following them already, please do (see links below). They have some exciting plans this year – from local music to kid’s activities and many markets will be participating again in the Power of Produce Club. This program provides $2 tokens to children to go shopping at the market and is loved by many, I am so happy to see this program continue! The Rockford Market will also begin partnering with Second Harvest Heartland and their local food shelf to start a food donation program with leftover produce at the end of the market each week. I hope to see you all at the markets soon!

Happy Farmers Market Season!

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