Never eat this food again!

— Katie Henson, RDN, Crow River Food Council Member

Image 2I have to admit, “Never eat this food again!” might be my most disliked click-bait of all time. Between fear mongering blog posts, ads, and the never-ending quest to find the magic bullet for weight loss, I fear that we are losing the joy in eating. The truth is, unless you have an underlying health issue, allergy, etc. there is no food you should never eat again. As a Registered Dietitian, the old tried and true (but not catchy or sexy) saying is “variety and moderation.” Any one food can be bad for you if you overdo it – even water is toxic if you drink too much! So the key is to enjoy all of your foods and focus on filling up on the good stuff. We all know what we are supposed to be eating – more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins, but I hope we can somehow find our way back to eating the occasional piece of dessert without shame and guilt. Because if you feel bad eating food that you like… what’s the point? Food tastes good and it should truly be enjoyed. And just maybe, if we truly savor our indulgent foods, we can feel happy and content with having it only occasionally. There is a quote from a Registered Dietitian that I just love,

“The answer to food guilt isn’t more self-control, willpower or discipline. It’s PERMISSION.”
–Emily Fonnesbeck

I leave you with a challenge – instead of challenging yourself with healthy eating, avoiding certain foods or eating less… I challenge you to do one of the following:

  • Find one new healthy food that you enjoy OR
  • Take a favorite recipe and add in some more healthy goodness. My favorite ways to do this:
    • You can swap out half of your flour in a recipe for whole grain flour without impacting the amount of baking soda or baking powder (in my experience it also doesn’t impact the taste much!)
    • Swap out applesauce for the oil

I would LOVE to hear from you if you have any success – let me know if you found a new recipe you love! Email us

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